Kontor finds automation success with Accode

Kontor successfully implements a centralized workflow to automate a wide range of invoice operations.

Visma recently published a blog post highlighting the success story of Kontor, an accounting office that has automated their bookkeeping using Accode and the Netvisor Flow component package. Netvisor Flow can be installed from the Accode Component Hub.

Kontor has been able to independently develop their process automation to a high degree, such that it works seamlessly alongside their existing service model. They have been able to continuously update their workflows with new ideas and in response to new requirements by their bookkeepers and clients; Kontor now automatically labels, pre-fills and runs a broad set of checks on every invoice before the bookkeeper needs to manually review them.

If you would like to read more about Kontor and Accode, check out Vismas blog post (In Finnish): https://netvisor.fi/blog/kontor-helsinki-automatisoi-kirjanpidon/

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