The workflow platform for solving business problems

Accode is a workflow platform that lets teams quickly and collaboratively turn manual processes into workflows, using tooling that can be highly customized for the domain problem at hand.

Workflows are designed to be easily understood by managers, automation professionals and domain experts—enabling effective collaboration and rapid iteration across organizational boundaries.

May change over time
Has domain-specific logic
Includes human input or intervention
Is difficult to accurately specify in advance
Requires comprehensive decision logging/audit trails
Requires collaboration between domain experts and developers

Accode is right for you if your process:


From hypothesis to data-driven solution

Start with an idea and rapidly iterate your way towards a solution. Run simulations of your workflow on past data at the press of a button. You can use prebuilt templates as a starting point for your new workflows.

App screenshot


Build workflows from any datasource

If it can be accessed from the internet—via API, from a database, or even via RPA—we can connect to it. Workflow apps bring context to the data source that you're using by further enriching the data via machine learning and providing tailored, domain-specific workflow building blocks.

Connect to any data

Use any type of data for your workflow, whether it be sourced from an API or a database, uploaded manually, or accessed via RPA.

Enriched by default

AI-generated recommendations and prefilled values can be easily added to any field. Vision-based machine learning can be applied on files to generate text and structured content from images and PDFs.

Prebuilt apps and templates

Select a predefined workflow app to hit the ground running with a full suite of actions, dashboards and templates that are configured for your use cases and datasources.


Redefine the KPIs that matter for your process

Benefit from full process transparency as data is automatically enriched with information of why and when every workflow decision has been made. Use this information to build process metrics that truly capture business value.


  • Turn data in any step of any process into valuable metrics
  • Group information effortlessly across relevant values
  • Create comparisons between subsets of data

Audit trail

  • Know exactly when and why every action was taken
  • Trace decisions made years ago within seconds
  • Track changes across workflow versions


Maintain, scale, and monitor with confidence

Scale up your workflows to thousands of actions that process millions of events each day. Use built-in software development best practices to ensure robust production workflows.

Version control

Every workflow action has a full version history. All workspace apps can be version locked to a specific version of the underlying building blocks.

Testing and sampling

Eliminate doubt with testing, logging, and alerting. Any stage of a workflow can be set to sample a portion of events for human control.

Automatic backups

All workflows are backed up automatically every day and can be reverted to an earlier state in seconds. Manual backups are also available.

Audit trail

Each workflow decisions is logged and can be traced both across workflow actions and over time. Aggregate statistics can be created to log changes in data.

Alerts and notifications

Workflows can be used to monitor your Accode workspace itself, such as configuring a workflow for sending alerts to Slack if specific errors states occur.

Self-contained instances

Each workflow app is run as a fully isolated system. No data is shared between different workflow instances.


The interface between workflow builders and developers

Accode was built based on our experiences with developing systems for automating different data processes, both large and small. We wanted to create a toolkit that supports both the work of the workflow builder and the developer at the same time.

The workflow builder should be able to:

  • React to changing or new specifications and maintain the related business logic themselves.
  • Configure and build complex no-code logic with tools that are domain specific and tailored for the task at hand.
  • Self-diagnose problems with workflows, with an extensive toolkit for fixing those problems when they arise.

While the developer should be able to:

  • Define all logic as code. All code should be run in a sandboxed, but fully-fledged runtime environment.
  • Deploy new versions with one CLI command, yet have full control over versioning and full access to change history.
  • Extend and reuse existing code. Bring in external libraries. Lean on built-in functionality for common tasks that has sensible defaults, with escape hatches for edge-case customization.
1import { action, f, reactPlugin } from "@accode/core"
3export const FindAndSet = action()
4  .input(({
5    path: f.string()
6  })
7  .onRun(({ entity, input }) => {
8    entity.value = _.get(entity, input.path)
9  })
10  .ui("components/FindAndSet.jsx", { plugin: reactPlugin })

Join our developer beta

Interested in developing workflow apps? Everything in Accode is built on our homegrown Workflow SDK, which we're planning on opening up to the public in Q2/2022. If you're interested, please register to get notified for updates on the Workflow SDK.

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