Build intelligent workflows for any business process

Accode allows you to build workflows that can be used for more than just routine automation—they enable you to gain further insight about whats going on in your business.

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Powering workflows for industry leading companies


Powerful automation building blocks

We bring together everything that's required for businesses to automate, extend and learn from their processes. Workflows built in Accode are easy to understand, rapidly adaptable to solve new challenges and robust when conditions change or the unexpected happens.


The core building block of a workflow. Modify data, send emails, upload files, delay until a specific time or event, and much more.

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Metrics and visualizations

Track in-depth metrics on every decision in a workflow. Create interactive dashboards based on these metrics and other data.


Manual tasks

Fully customizable and shareable tasks for including a human-in-the-loop element in your workflows.

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Drag and drop files.

Point-in-time snapshots

Trace each data point through its journey through your workflows. Compare changes across time and function.


Why Accode

A unified platform for building no-code workflows

Easily iterate through multiple versions of a workflow and bring in new functionality on demand. With just a few actions, you can combine heuristics and machine learning, add a human-in-the-loop task to your workflow, generate invoices via RPA, improve OCR results and much more.

Built-in functionality

Make decisions automatically with machine learning or rules built by you, include human input when necessary.

Easily extendable

Any third-party or custom technology can be integrated to work with Accode when the in-built functionality is insufficient.

Simulate before going live

Use historical data to explore different workflows solutions. Validate and test the results of your workflows before entering production.

Travel through time... your workflows. You will never have to guess—every decision made by a workflow is reviewable via point-in-time data snapshots. All workflows contain a full version history.


Work together to solve business problems across teams

Accode gives domain experts a powerful and easy-to-use toolkit for exploring, understanding, solving and maintaining the business logic of their data challenges without having to code or worry about technical challenges. This is enabled by developers that solve the technical challenges behind the scenes, exposing the domain expert only to the business logic of the problem.

This explicit separation but tight collaboration allows for quick development of flexible, yet robust and maintainable solutions. Developers manage the building blocks used to power the workflow, while the domain expert controls how these building blocks are combined to solve the business challenge.

Built for developers

Customizable at every layer

The workflow building blocks are designed to power even the most complex workflows while avoiding technical debt, wheel-reinvention and without your team having to spend months stitching together disparate data sources.

JavaScript ecosystem

A familiar language and 1.9M+ packages at your fingertips allows for hitting the ground running. Also, the frontend and backend can share code.

Serverless for workflows

Focus on writing business logic, while leaving the tedium of infrastructure, glue code and boilerplate to us.

Painless deployments

Use our CLI to deploy your workflow components in seconds. Includes a built-in test suite that is fully extendable. All workflow components are version controlled.

Prebuilt libraries

Use our libraries for easily defining your workflow components and including API-access, RPA, ML, OCR, and much more. Check out our code examples to get started.

Workflow apps

Connect to any software

If it can be accessed from the internet—API, via RPA, or from a database—we can connect to it. But that's just the start. Workflow apps bring context to the data source that you're using, by further enriching the data via machine learning and providing domain-specific actions that supercharge the built-in functionality. Included templates allow for drag-and-dropping battle-tested workflows, or parts of workflows, into your project.

Ready to get started?

Learn more about building workflows or create an account and start building your own. You can also contact us to configure a custom package for your business.