Let our AI do your data entry

Let our AI do your bookkeeping

Free your accountants from tedious and repetitive bookkeeping tasks and let them focus on more engaging and value creating activities.

The bookkeeping engine that accountants love

While existing software does a good job of automating the basics, we think that technology can take us even further. Connect Accode to your current accounting software suite and we’ll analyze, reconcile and complete your books for a fraction of the manual cost. Our system works in tandem with our human controllers to ensure that we deliver only financial records that meet the highest standards.

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Bookkeeping to business intelligence

Bookkeeping data can be used for much more than traditional financial reports. We obsessively seek out ways to deliver the most robust, nuanced, and coherent bookkeeping so that our customers can supercharge their business intelligence with data that they can trust. Additionally, we work with our customers to provide transaction-level tags and metadata that can be linked to crucial BI metrics.

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No requirements

We accept your invoices, receipts and other bookkeeping inputs in whichever form is most convenient for you. Examples of how you could transfer your bookkeeping material to us:

  • Photographs through mobile app
  • PDF files sent to a dedicated email address
  • e-Invoices from your financial management software
  • Integrations to other software

No limitations

Our bookkeeping process is designed to manage even the most complex cases. Examples of what we can process are:

  • Foreign trade, both within and outside EU
  • Accruals, depreciation, prepayments, loans
  • Salaries
  • Trade in foreign currencies
  • VAT, income tax, government reporting
  • Multiple bank accounts or credit cards

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